Hello everyone! It’s unfortunate to even have to do this, but I’ve spoken with many of you who feel the same way I do. Some of us are dead set in our belief that we will not be forced to take the vaccination. Others have said that they will have to cave and get it. I’m asking all of you to please not do that. Not without a fight. You have a voice. Let it be heard. Do not cave to the pressure. That’s what they want. I created this group to show that there are many of us who have the same beliefs. You are not alone! I’ve talked to many people who have been vaccinated who disagree with the mandate and are willing to help. I’ve spoken with people at other WVU facilities willing to fight. Lots of pregnant women being forced to make a decision about something without adequate research. I’m not telling any of you what to do, but I will say this. Jobs are replaceable. Hasty decisions made out of fear are irreversible. If you truly feel in your gut that you do not want this vaccination, I beg all of you to join together and take a stand. If you know of anyone in the same situation we are in, please feel free to add them to the group.

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Wheeling event August 29, 2021


We have started a petition to stop the “vaccination” mandate and you can contribute just click the picture below to sign the petition.


Many people have asked us for some resources that they can use for ammunition against this forced vaccination.  We have a resources page here that spells out the problems with this “vaccination”. Just click image below

Since we have been throttled and possibly about to be fully censored by Facebook, we have been forced to start our own forum here.  Click image below to take part in the discussion.

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